Learning Teacher Network GAP Seminar in Bonn, Germany

“ESD 2030: Engaging with the SDGs in the Classroom and Beyond”

The Learning Teacher Network, a key partner of UNESCO’s Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development (GAP ESD), will host an important seminar in Bonn, Germany this year. The four-day event will take place from November 28th to December 1st, 2019 and aims to address the achievements of the Global Action Programme towards Sustainable Development Goal 4 “Quality Education” as well as the Global Education 2030 Agenda. The new UNESCO framework “Education for Sustainable Development: Towards achieving the SDGs (ESD for 2030)” will also be discussed.

Understanding – Empowering – Participating

Seminar participants can look forward to international keynote speakers and workshop leaders from Austria, Canada, Germany, Ireland, and Sweden. Among others, Charles Hopkins (UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Education towards Sustainability at York University Toronto), Patricia Alberth (Head of UNESCO World Heritage Centre Bamberg) and Jamila Tressel (former student of ESBC School Berlin and a young author, speaker and trainer) will talk about:

  • ESD for 2030 – the Key Enabler to Achieve All SDGs
  • The Benefit of World Heritage Centres as Studying Places for
    ESD Educational Institutions
  • New Ways for Schools to Meet ESD Goals – A Whole School approach
    within the SDGs

Attendees will also have the chance to take part in a visit to UNESCO Associated School Bertolt-Brecht-Gesamtschule Bonn, engage in inspiring dialogues and participate in numerous workshops. Examples of best practice and holistic institutional approaches will support the development of tailored concepts for each participant to take back to their institution.

Interested parties can access the full seminar timetable here. For more information and seminar registration, please contact: conference@learningteachernetwork.org